Location News -  Shooting Steel Winds on Lake Erie

 October 2011 - Director of Photography Dave Bartlett spent 3 days in the Lackawanna, NY area to film footage for First Wind of Boston.  Working with First Wind's Boston agency in Boston, Dave shot footage of construction of phase 2 at Steel Winds on the shores of Lake Erie, as well as related footage of phase 1 that is already operational.  In addition, some interviews with the mayor and other townspeople were filmed to include in a video that will be featured on the First Wind web site.  The top two pictures were taken on the same day....one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Welcome to Western New York in the fall! (or the winter, or the spring).  


Construction at phase two, with phase one  in background

On the same day as picture to left...phase one on Lake Erie

Interview with Mayor of Lackawanna

Shot from the abandoned steel mills at night, windmills in background




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