Location News - Everything is bigger in Texas...and hotter.

April 2011 -  DP/Cameraman Dave Bartlett traveled to Dallas, Texas to shoot a story for Ameresco Corporation.  The company worked with the City of Dallas to capture methane from Dallas' waste water treatment facility and use that methane to create power to run 60% of the facility.  Also, hot water from the engines was used for more energy savings.  Dave and Boston producer Heather Riley spent 3 days in Dallas getting b-roll and interviews that will be used to put together a piece for the companies web site.  Dave then headed to Charlotte, North Carolina to shoot an interview for another story on MUSC that Dave and Heather previously shot in January. The temperatures in Texas for the first two days of the trip were in the 90's, a mere 60 degrees hotter than his departure city of Buffalo, NY.  It cooled significantly on day 3...notice the sweater in use below.

Grabbing a skyline shot in Charlotte.




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