Mercy Flight Central
April 2012 - Director of Photography Dave Bartlett was hired by Producer / Director Martin Leary of Adhouse Productions to acquire footage for Mercy Flight Central, located near Rochester, NY.  Footage was captured with BTV's HDX900 using a Nanoflash, as well as some GoPro cameras used inside a plane and on a helicopter launching platform.  A 24 foot jimmy jib operated by Dave Lippa gave some incredible perspectives.  Dave Bartlett also shot from inside one of Mercy Flight Central's helicopters with a Canon 60D to film their fixed wing aircraft doing take offs and landings (while the 2nd unit shot from the end of the runway with the HDX900).  Also, footage was shot in a hospital showing MFC's crew. 
It was an incredible day, both for new adventures, great footage acquisition, and working with the incredible people at Mercy Flight Central.  They are wonderful professionals, and were very helpful and flexible in allowing us get the best shots we could.  The footage will be used for TV commercials and long form videos for the web. 


Shooting action scene of MFC crew with patient

Dolly move as crew prepares for their hero shot

Dave with the HDX900

Over the shoulder with MFC crew

Dave Lippa prepares the jib with HDX900

Getting ready for the shot

Prepping the jib for the next shot

Flight crew stands by as we set up the next shot

Dave Bartlett inside MFC's C7 helicopter shooting running landings

Airborne with Mercy Flight Central crew, as we prepare to shoot


Mounting the GoPro underneath helicopter for cool take-off shot



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