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As a cameraman, I have over 20 years experience in television and video production.  Since I've been freelance, I've worked on shoots for dozens of production companies, agencies, networks and TV shows.    I have experience in the broadcast world, shooting reality, talk, news, and documentary style programming. I've worked in the corporate world, shooting for various companies around the country serving their communications needs. And I've worked with agencies and directors creating TV and other advertising messages.

Those who hire me want someone who can do more than just point the camera and frame the shot. As a "lighting cameraman" I use techniques that bring a Hollywood feel to the screen, including lighting, depth of field, and the movement of the camera.  As a "reality cameraman" I can shoot on the fly, listen to what is happening and move the camera as part of the story.  I'm an editor myself, so I know what editors need. 

I work as an owner/operator with my company btv productions, as well as a "shooter-for-hire". I own great gear to serve the various needs and different levels of video production. 

Regardless of what you call me;  DP, cameraman, shooter, photographer, videographer, etc,  I've got the skills, the attitude and the experience that producers and directors want in the field.